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We can manufacture a downspout connector for you.

In just a few short years, Piedmont Pipe has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of fabricated metal downspout connectors in the World. With what started as a single elegant model, Piedmont Pipe now has the largest product line of downspout connectors anywhere.

Unlike our competitors, we are not locked into 300 year old construction methods. Cast iron downspout boots have become antiquated and unappealing. Poured into antique molds, cast iron downspout boots are limited in both size and shape. Cast iron, PVC and HDPE are brittle materials and can break when impacted, requiring the entire boot to be replaced. All Piedmont downspout connectors are manufactured with modern construction methods and materials. Our standard models are constructed in 304 stainless steel, computer designed and robotically cut and welded. We can manufacture any size or shape downspout adapter, shoe or boot. Stainless steel is both tough and durable. Even in the most severe impact senarios, stainless steel will not crack or break…it may dent, but you will still have a workable downspout connection, eliminating the need for immediate replacement.

All Piedmont Pipe downspout adapters, shoes and boots have simple clean lines and are designed to be both functional and durable. With standard features like cleanout access, electrostacily applied polyurethane powder coat finish, concealed mounting points, and vandal resistant hardware you would expect to pay more… amazingly you won’t. We find that our standard model boots and shoes are normally approximately 20% cheaper than cast iron downspout boots with the same features.

Whether it is a simple adapter or a complicated design with custom logos we can manufacture a downspout connector for you. Whether it’s a large budget with a 100 year design or the downspout connections were left off the project, we can help. Feel free to contact us with any situations you may encounter, we have probably already built a solution to your problem.